Round Six

from Ignite! #2:

The anti-police resistance movement brewing for more than a year is gearing up for a third 2011 demonstration. Aiming to mark the International Day Against Police Brutality (renamed by local organizers as the International Day Against Police Terror), October 22nd is set to be the sixth round of street protests in a year.

Last year’s O22 protests were particularly eventful, seeing Denver take the streets without a permit for just the second time since the 2008 Democratic National Convention. During the march, a police car was attacked and the cops didn’t dare attempt to attack the angry, largely working-class or houseless crowd. There were no arrests. Since then, several more protests have ended in barricades, scuffles with police, and five arrests. The fliers and posters circulating around town urge prospective particpants to converge at the main entrance of the Denver Zoo at 6pm. The call is as follows:

“Over the past year and a half a growing movement against police terror has spread throughout Denver. Although a wave of police firings briefly created an illusion that the heinous abuses of the police may be handled by those in administrative power, the recent rehirings of police officers who have admittedly brutalized local residents has illustrated that those in power will not be the ones who fix this problem. While folks have petitioned, held meetings with public officials, sued the police and administrations, and used every other method through the usual “legitimate” channels to effect change, the police still murder and attack us on a daily basis. Justice will only come from us, when the police know that the people will fight back in a literal, and not just figurative sense, then they will back down.”

Due to the extraordinary loss in court by the city and police department in the case of Amelia Nicol, this year’s O22 demonstration is shaping up to be very interesting. The police, thus far, has been unable to prosecute anyone they have arrested at recent anti-police protests. This is largely because of most defendants’ stance on refusing to negotiate with the State. Mass arrests have also been very difficult for the cops to arrange, likely because of lawsuit implications, the experience of the DNC’s mass arrest, and the ferocity and militancy of the demonstrators. Ignite! will be covering the march later this month with live updates on Twitter. Follow us @ignite_denver.

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