Ignite #4 – December 2011

Without further ado, we present Ignite! #4 – December 2011! This month’s paper contains a year-end review of local struggles and projects, a how-to on how to dodge paying fares on the local LightRail, updates on October’s squat arrests, an announcement encouraging the  establishment of community gardens, news from around the world (the FAI is like, so hot right now), editorials concerning the local and national Occupy*, a call-out for an Elves’ uprising on December 17th, and an article addressing local gentrification efforts. We’ve made some tweaks to the design, namely having gutters to the text columns which makes the minor improvement of the reader actually being able to read the paper. How progressive! The majority of the articles featured in this month’s issue will get their own digital, linkable posts on this blog once we get around to it.

This month’s masthead, which we change every month to feature a photo from a local action, is from a suspected condo arson in Ft. Collins that caused $10 million in damages. The deadline for the next issue will be January 4th. Print editions can be found at the 27 Social Centre in Northwest Denver and in our experiences have generally been passed around and found in weird places. Keep leaving them on the bus, shops, cafes and schools folks, we appreciate the distribution. As always, we appreciate tips, critiques, contributions, comments, reviews, and scoldings.


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