Ignite! #5 – January 2012

Ignite! #5 is out after a bit of a delay. In this issue:

– #Occupy Denver fucking torches their camp and spends the evening engaging law enforcement. 9 arrests.

– Communiqes from attacks on cop shops, wheatpastes

– Shit getting tore up, politicians getting robbed in Greece.

-DABC’s mammoth reportback

-An editorial for those who make New Years Resolutions.

-You’ll just have to read page 5 to find out what’s going on in town and it ain’t no bowling team.

Read here

Get the print version around town, at places like the 27 Social Centre, local collective houses, on the bus and lightrail. Sorry it took so long and doesn’t look that good. Feb. 17th there will be an Ignite! meeting at 27 SC. Come so this shit doesn’t come out so late and someone with a brain and skills can help put things together.

love love love



One thought on “Ignite! #5 – January 2012

  1. the Denver originals says:

    When will the deadline be for the February issue? D-Town loves Ignite and wants it to be well stocked with material, so let us know so we can submit accordingly

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