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Ignite! #6 – April 2012

“Did you hear that another Ignite! got put out? They hadn’t done an issue since like January.”

“Yeah, I did. That guy is an asshole though and doesn’t really do anything.”


“I mean does he even fucking proofread?”

“Probably not. Heard he wasn’t even vegan.”

“Fuck that guy.”


Ignite #6 – April 2012


Ignite #4 – December 2011

Without further ado, we present Ignite! #4 – December 2011! This month’s paper contains a year-end review of local struggles and projects, a how-to on how to dodge paying fares on the local LightRail, updates on October’s squat arrests, an announcement encouraging theĀ  establishment of community gardens, news from around the world (the FAI is like, so hot right now), editorials concerning the local and national Occupy*, a call-out for an Elves’ uprising on December 17th, and an article addressing local gentrification efforts. We’ve made some tweaks to the design, namely having gutters to the text columns which makes the minor improvement of the reader actually being able to read the paper. How progressive! The majority of the articles featured in this month’s issue will get their own digital, linkable posts on this blog once we get around to it.

This month’s masthead, which we change every month to feature a photo from a local action, is from a suspected condo arson in Ft. Collins that caused $10 million in damages. The deadline for the next issue will be January 4th. Print editions can be found at the 27 Social Centre in Northwest Denver and in our experiences have generally been passed around and found in weird places. Keep leaving them on the bus, shops, cafes and schools folks, we appreciate the distribution. As always, we appreciate tips, critiques, contributions, comments, reviews, and scoldings.

Issue #3 – November 2011

Ignite! #3 is finished, printed, and circulating Denver as scheduled. Including reports on Denver’s rowdy O22 demonstration, a squat raid, more #OccupyDenver coverage than you can shake a stick at, local underground action communiques, and a piece on anti-fascism and freedom of speech. This issue is 16 pages which is way longer than we ever though Ignite! would be. Might have to switch to a bi-weekly format…

Big thanks to The Hammer for reviewing our second issue here. This is also the last issue that will look this shitty. We are learning and probably getting better. #4 is gonna look fly as fuck. Submission deadline, once again, is going to be the 28th. Get those texts and pictures to for publication. Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for a potential meeting in December to draw more people into the paper’s creation.

Ignite! – Issue #3 November 2011 PDF

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Issue #2 – October 2011

October’s Ignite! #2 has hit the streets! Featuring reporting on the upcoming O22 demonstrations, legal victories, local news about prison slave labor, nefarious police stings, the Black Mesa indigenous solidarity caravan, #occupydenver and plenty more. We are happy to say that Ignite! #2 is four pages longer than our first issue.

All submissions for next months issue should be sent to by October 28th.

Issue #1 – September 2011

Hello and welcome to Ignite! Denver’s Anarchist Newspaper. This is our inaugural issue and it contains a few communiques we picked up on the web, a piece from the Worker’s Solidarity Movement about Sacco and Vanzetti, and some reporting from Grand Junction and La Plata. We hope you really enjoy it!

.PDF: Ignite! #1 September