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Pull-Out Poster for 2nd Pressing of Ignite! #6

So I felt really bad about missing two months of Ignite! issues and had this poster laid out a while back. I decided to include it as a pull-out kind of bonus when I printed more copies of Ignite! #6. If you click the thumbnail to the left you get a snazzy 12″ X 18″ PDF version, but the ones included with #6 are full-bleed and full-color 11″ x 17″ on 60# text. The poster features a bomb-ass poem that has been performed around town a few times by a poet that is remaining anonymous. It could look better but I have the design skills of a highly-functioning sewer rat that is impatiently waiting for a hemorrhoid condition to clear up.


oh yeah

next cushy and likely flexible deadline is probably going to be on I don’t know how about feb. 6th?

is that cool?

alright we’ll do that. go ahead and email some stuff over if you got it, if you can’t meet the deadline that’s cool too the person who lays the whole thing out is seriously the slowest and haphazardly lazy person in at least 600 miles so you’ll probably make it anyway. and also if you live in denver or the surrounding area and want to help flesh this project out a bit come to the meeting on feb. 17th at 6PM at the 27 social centre (there’s a whiteboard there… infinite possibilities). if someone has time to go to the store beforehand there might be snacks and everything, not that that’s on you or anything.

Issue #2 – October 2011

October’s Ignite! #2 has hit the streets! Featuring reporting on the upcoming O22 demonstrations, legal victories, local news about prison slave labor, nefarious police stings, the Black Mesa indigenous solidarity caravan, #occupydenver and plenty more. We are happy to say that Ignite! #2 is four pages longer than our first issue.

All submissions for next months issue should be sent to by October 28th.