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District 4 Cop Shop Vandalized in Retaliation for Monday’s #OccupyDenver Eviction

An anonymous, spartan posting to Colorado Indymedia this afternoon read:

anonymous missive on recent attack”

target: district 4 denver cop shop

time: after your bedtime

mode: vandalism

rationale: immediate retaliation for the eviction of the civic center park homeless encampment. for dpd’s existence. to encourage you to join in on the fun.

announcement: expect more


fuck you.”

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Squat Raid Case Update

The four arrested during October’s squat raid had court on Thursday, November 30th. Three of the accused, Jonathon, Victor (recently released after a stint on a concealed weapons charge) and Sam all saw their charges dropped from felony 2nd degree burglary to misdemeanor trespassing offenses. Amelia Nicol was not present for the hearing. Jonathon is still being detained on prior legal offenses.

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Three New Local Social and Occupy* Prisoners

There are three people who will be serving stints in jail due to local social movement activity. Writing them can help keep their spirits up and let them know that there are plenty of people on the outside that love and support them. Thanks to the Denver Anarchist Black Cross for most of this information.

Robert Huffman
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201

Held on a probation violation after being arrested at Occupy Denver.

Jonathon Shepard
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201

Arrested during the squat raid in late October. Jailed due to complicated legal history.

Victor Jaime
PO Box 1108
Denver, CO 80201

Also arrested during the squat raid, Victor was picked up during police action against the Occupy Denver protesters and charged with allegedly carrying a concealed weapon.

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Issue #3 – November 2011

Ignite! #3 is finished, printed, and circulating Denver as scheduled. Including reports on Denver’s rowdy O22 demonstration, a squat raid, more #OccupyDenver coverage than you can shake a stick at, local underground action communiques, and a piece on anti-fascism and freedom of speech. This issue is 16 pages which is way longer than we ever though Ignite! would be. Might have to switch to a bi-weekly format…

Big thanks to The Hammer for reviewing our second issue here. This is also the last issue that will look this shitty. We are learning and probably getting better. #4 is gonna look fly as fuck. Submission deadline, once again, is going to be the 28th. Get those texts and pictures to IgniteDenver@riseup.net for publication. Also, keep your eyes and ears peeled for a potential meeting in December to draw more people into the paper’s creation.

Ignite! – Issue #3 November 2011 PDF

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Anti-Capitalist Dance Party Saturday at Noon

A call out for an anti-capitalist dance party at noon on Saturday during the weekly Occupy Denver march was posted to Colorado Indymedia. It is awesome and goes as follows:

A! Anti! Anti-capitalista! The Revenge of the Dance Party.

Last week amidst the speeches and mic checks there erupted from the crowd of 2,000 folks the sounds of pure awesome. The march kicked off with “Kiss Me Thru the Phone,” playing in front of the jail while a black flag was placed at the top of the metal sculpture in the courtyard. The dance party made flashy appearances throughout the march as it snaked through downtown. Beastie Boys “Fight For Your Right to Party,” echoed between the 16th St. Mall buildings while boring and pointless speeches occured. Apparently those people didn’t get the memo that capitalism is dying and it is time to dance on its goddamn ashes!

That being said, Denver, it is time to shake your anti-capitalist asses once again! The playlists are set, the banners are at the ready, and this Saturday at noon the Occupy Denver march will once again become a space to sassily dance out your rage against systems of violence and oppression. How about we take the old “who’s streets?” chant to the next level?

There are some real debbie downers out there at Occupy Denver who seem to think it is a great idea to start doxing or snitching on anyone who doesn’t fit the feel-good liberal, upper-class, boring-ass agenda of non-resistence. There is a campaign to start doing this at Occupy Denver to anyone who is confrontational with the state. Apparently dance parties are confrontational. Well, Occupy Denver, dance parties should be confrontational! Expect to see ass shakin’ and booty bumpin’ all up and down that riot line!

One last note, this week the Occupy Denver-ites have voted to have this march be in honor of “fallen heros,” and veterans of the U.S. military. Yeah, you read that right. The only veterans us anti-capitalists support and honor are those that have quit the job, resisted, fought back against the imperialist and colonialist agenda of the military, or since leaving the military have dedicated themselves to an end of war and exploitation. There will be bumpin’ and grindin’ for THOSE vets no doubt!

Alright, you get it. We’re dancin’ in the streets again!

Meet at the Federal Reserve (we didn’t pick this lame spot) – 12PM – Saturday, November 5th.


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